Since this very divisive election cycle there is no way to avoid conflict in dealing with others.  It is happening everywhere we go – grocery store, coffee line at Starbucks, at sporting events, and apparently on airplanes as well.  What is happening in our world is on everyone’s mind – which is a good thing – but how we express our thoughts and opinions is more important than ever.  Law firms have always been filled with bright, motivated and driven people and conversations about a wide range of topics take place.  It is extremely important to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and being able to listen (that is the key) and still respectfully disagree should be a priority for everyone.  If family ties are being torn asunder, imagine what holding different viewpoints can do for working relationships.  Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people isn’t the answer – so take a deep breath and be willing to listen, and summon up all those old lessons in manners and politeness – and put them to use.  We must be able to work together despite our differences and somehow find common ground that will allow us to work productively and collaboratively.